The guy behind this virtual space lives in Vienna, looks good and is not as old as you may think. He loves to take photos and tries to give them a special touch to make them awesome and easy to view for the public, while listening to various melodic death metal artists and trancestreams. "Let´s rock" he yells, stops playing the virtual guitar after coming home from work, and starts Photoshop for more hours beeing infront of it.

His love to work digitally started by creating a DeviantArt-Account years ago, a community of thousands artists around the globe. Take a look at his profile
Heavily inspired of the artworks, ideas and concepts he saw on this site, he wanted to contribute his own material after learning Photoshop by himself. So on you can have a look at some of his digital art he is proud of.

You are invited to check back for some new stuff, or to leave him a message. But please, don´t stand below his window and try to sing a song ;)


  • 2011-10-01: Photoshooting and some image corrections for La Coppola Storta
  • 2004-03-18: Daily Deviation on SVS1 WinXP Visual Style